Passion is contagious.

We're here to serve the goal chasers, the creative visionaries, and the vibrant storytellers. 

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we specialize in strategic branding, website design, and marketing design. Our mission is to ignite inspiration, provide guidance, and offer creative solutions that help small business owners better understand and share their unique brand stories.

Hey, I'm Natalie –


I grew up in a giant Italian family where I was blessed to be constantly surrounded by love, laughter, and an abundance of pasta. My upbringing gave me a passion for connecting with people, an inclination to always treat others with kindness, and a heart that’s hungry to pursue all that life has to offer.

Caruso Creative is the result of a lifelong dream to run my own business as a creative, and I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Client Love

"Our website has been life-changing for our business and has landed us our dream clients."

- Kennedy Bailey (Happy Sappy Films)

We Believe

Your brand, website, and print materials are so much more than beautiful graphics. They are your vision. Your story. Your legacy.

Hiring a professional designer allows you to dig deep into what matters. It helps you ask and answer to the hard questions: Why do you do what you do? What is your story? How are you different from your competitors? When you take the time to discover your voice, your brand begins to stand out from the crowd, creating a business that your customers will remember, remain loyal to, and refer to their loved ones.

Our desire is to give your brand that voice, to build inspiration into your website, and to create design materials that people want to hold onto.

 Let’s make some magic happen.





Are you ready for...

Branding that turns heads? A click-happy website? Unforgettable marketing?
Because we can't wait to make that happen.